Word cloud helix_1_croppedOur lab is interested in a wide swath of nature – from landscapes, habitats, communities, populations and individuals, to the DNA and genes orchestrating this biological symphony. We combine genetic, experimental and observational approaches to explore ecological and evolutionary processes in natural populations of several species, ranging from urban rats to amphibians far from the city. Nearly all of our research is designed to provide insights into the dispersal and long-term viability of populations. This includes understanding how landscapes influence the movement of animals and genes, as well as how rapidly and at what spatial scale evolution can occur in response to changing environments.

For more details on the lab, my research, teaching, etc., please visit the links above. The word cloud to the right was created using text from my papers and grant applications and provides a snapshot overview of the focus of the lab.


A few “Greatest Hits” from the lab:

The comics have gone to the frogs – the wood frog life cycle by Gregory Pereira (PC 2015) –

Pereira frog comic 2014

The River Continuum Rap video –



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