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Jonathan Richardson, Assistant Professor


(401) 865-2697

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I am something between an ecologist, conservation biologist and an evolutionary biologist, mainly because I try to integrate a number of approaches and perspectives into my research. I do this in part because it’s more interesting to me from a scholarly perspective. But mostly I think an integrative approach is the most fruitful avenue to addressing complex questions about the natural world, particularly ones with applied relevance to conservation and epidemiology. To this end, I use genomic, experimental, and physiological techniques to explore the mechanisms shaping the patterns we observe in the field. My research also spans levels of biological organization and scale, from genes to phenotypes to communities, and populations to regional landscapes. More details can be found on the other sections of this website.


img_2768Kerry Barrett, Research Student (’18)

Kerry is working on the landscape genetics of white-footed mice in southern New England. She is interested in applying genetic tools to ecology and conservation issues. And the New York Mets.



shalan-field-pictureShalan McDonagh, Research Student (’18)

Shalan is interested in pursuing a career in wildlife biology and conservation. She plans to combine her passion for wildlife ecology and photography, starting during a study abroad semester in Ecuador in 2017.



Georgianna Silveira, Research Student (’19)

I am interested in wildlife biology and ecology, particularly in New England. In the lab, I am working on the landscape genetics of mammals in and around Rhode Island. In the future, I hope to be able to study animals and ecosystems in order to aid species and habitat conservation.




John Fischer, Research Student (’17)

I am planning on pursuing medicine as a career, however I am very interested in freshwater biology, ecology, and zoology. The work I’ve been doing as part of my research in Dr. Richardson’s lab has only increased my interests in these topics.




Laura Angley, Research Student (’17)

I am very interested in wildlife conservation, ecology and zoology.  My senior thesis project is looking at how parasite communities in Norway rats are distributed over an urban area, and what ecological variables are associated with different pathogens. My goal for the future is to be a zoologist and work with African wildlife.


IMG_2103Peter Saunders, Research Student (’17)

Growing up in a sheltered rural town on a lake in New Hampshire, biology and conservation have been important to me all my life. As a biology major, I hope to continue pursuing these interests and find a career in this field.


Lab Alumni

Mary Burak (’15) – PhD student at Yale University

Nikelle Petrillo (’16) – Masters student in the Northeastern University Bioinformatics program

Laura Angley (’17) – Behavioral Mammology intern at the Bronx Zoo

John Fischer (’17) – Masters student in the Auburn University vet school

Sarah Mealey (’17) – Research assistant at Jackson Labs, Sacramento, CA

Peter Saunders (’17) – wilderness EMT in New Hampshire

Tory McKnight (’15) – research coordinator at Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, RI

Eric Empson (’15) – working in the biopharm industring in New York

Craig Wilson (’16) – working in the biopharm industring in Massachusetts

Jocelyn Badillo – 2017 summer student from Central Falls High School


After a nice afternoon sampling stream fish


Lab outing for Mary’s return



2016 version of lab at bioswales



Mary and Eric sampling Northford ponds

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